Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Minnesota Missing the Playoffs Might Be the Best Thing Ever!

It all comes down to simple logic...

If the Wild were still in it, Jacques Lemaire would still be coaching.

If Lemaire were still coaching, Doug Risebrough would still be the General Manager.

If the Wild were still in it, we would be bored to tears, anxious awaiting their eventual exit.

And if the Wild were still in it, and then lost in the first round(like usual), Lemaire and Risebrough might be inclined to give it another try next season.

Instead, this year we don't have to bash our heads into the wall while we watch the Xcel Center go "wild" for the neutral zone trap as some Western Conference powerhouse plows through them. All while all-star talent Marian Gaborik grows a human shadow and does nothing the entire series.

I honestly believe that this may be the end of trap hockey in the National Hockey League.

Thank fucking Jeebus!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so fucking tired of watching the Wild forwards hustle back to the neutral zone to circle around while teams like the Coyotes breakout of their zone. And this while Minnesota is down three goals in the third.

I hope Lynn blows up that team like Nagasaki. Shit, now you could even try to sign Gaborik if you can get him to believe that you are actually going to put a run-and-gun offense together. Doubt that'll happen, but who knows.
Death to the Trap, and here's to an even better post-lockout NHL.

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