Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As of Now...

Florida lost to Philly, and the Rangers beat Montreal. Florida's got Atlanta and Washington left for their two games, but I don't think its going to matter. With the results of tonight, I think the East is sewn up, barring some jockeying for position.

As for the West, Chicago is up 3 to 2 on Nashville with 5 minutes left to play, and St. Louis has just started their game in the desert. The Predators and Blues are tied with 86 points, but the Preds have 39 wins, to the Blues 38. In the seven spot are the Ducks with 88 points, and 41 wins, but they are idle tonight. If Nashville loses, and St. Louis wins, the Blues will leapfrog into the 8th spot.

Nashville's last two games will be away at Detroit, and Minnesota. Yeesh!

St. Louis's last two will be at home against Columbus, and away in Denver.

I'm thinking the Predators only get one of the last three, and finish with 88 points. And St. Louis will grab tonight, lose to Columbus, and smash Colorado for the berth.

Way to go out on a limb, right?

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