Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Game of the Night

I can actually do this!

Because there's only two games on tonight. Coming down off that 13 game high last night will be tough, but we can bounce back on Thursday with an eleven-banger on the schedule.

I'm discovering new levels of hatred for the Maple Leafs, for some unknown reason, and I think everyone has had it with the Sabres. They're done like dinner.

So skip that snoozer and check out the Central Division matchup of Columbus at the United Center against the Hawks. Chicago had a big win over the Nashville Predators last night, so they could be a little peak-ed tonight. Columbus on the other hand should be well-rested and pissed, considering their last game was an overtime loss on Sunday, at home against those same pesky Blackhawks. That was a great game though, who said a scoreless game couldn't be exciting?

Chicago earned their postseason berth with the win last night, but Columbus still needs to claim theirs. Columbus is sitting in sixth with 90 points followed by Anaheim and St. Louis with 88, and Nashville with 86. Columbus is not guaranteed a spot by any means considering they face the Hawks tonight away, the Blues on Friday again away, and back home against Minnesota the following day.

If the Q has any brains at all behind that masterful 'stache, he'll rest his stars and veterans tonight, and then have his guys tune-up against Detroit in a home-and-home over the weekend. That's a great warm-up for that young Hawks team before they enter the playoffs, playing with that caliber of team before they enter the post against the Canucks or Flames.

The Blues on the other hand, need every point they can get to squeak into the post. They'll be fighting for every point to make sure they make this miraculous run a reality. And I would think that Minnesota would be officially eliminated by the time the BJ's face them, but who knows, stranger things have happened.

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