Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bullets of 4/15

Already regretting my picks. If St. Louis wins tonight I'll have the superfecta.
  • Pittsburgh was flying tonight, I understand why people pick them to go the distance, after watching them again tonight.
  • Philadelphia looked old and tired.
  • Washington and New York could be the best series in the East of the first round.
  • The Rangers impressed me with their play tonight, they never gave up on the puck, and everyone played hard.
  • Carolina had no fire tonight. I don't know if Maurice has the tools to light it.
  • New Jersey looked like they were having fun. Everyone taking Carolina must have really set them off.

Going to see the Black Keys tomorrow night, scheduling screw up. But I'll be actively pursuing scores and highlights.

Looking forward to 'Nucks/Notes.

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