Monday, April 6, 2009

Game of the Night

At this point, who could pick one game. I haven't succeeded in doing that it since I started this idea.
Three games tonight, three infinitely important, yet pointlessly miniscule reasons to watch.

First off, Detroit @ Buffalo, on the network that wants to see your V. This should be the nail in the coffin for the Sabres, if it hasn't been hammered in already. But according to Sports Club Stats, Buffalo still has a 7% chance of making the 8th seed. According to my numbers, that number is more like 0.007. The game is essentially meaningless for Detroit, but still have a shot at the President's Trophy if they can pass Boston, and overtake a 6 point deficit to San Jose. I'm thinking Detroit should already be resting their veterans, but knowing Babcock, he'll probably be double-shifting them.

Second, Ottawa @ Montreal. We thought there might be a chance that Montreal would still be clawing their way into, or out of, the playoffs, but it looks as if they have a better shot of getting in, than the Sabres do of missing out. The Canadiens can jump into the sixth seed in the Conference with a win tonight, but are probably complacent enough to just make it. Ottawa has pride at stake, why we don't know.

And last, Los Angeles @ Calgary. Calgary needs a win like pineapple's need security. Bad. They've been ri-goddam-diculous lately, taking five of the last fourteen. That stinks for a division leader, it stinks bad.

The Kings can only play spoiler at this point, blocking the Flames for the Northwest lead, and allowing the Canucks to slide in there.

The playoff picture seems to be a little clearer, but while these statistic nitpickers keeping producing the minute odds of the Islanders making it, we will forever speculate.

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