Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Panic and Surprise

The NHL's answer to Shock and Awe. (5:08)

Its striking the East Coast and taking over the continent.
  • Montreal is getting their ass handed to them in the celebrated season. There was talk of starting Halak in Game 3 after Price got yanked in the schelacking of Game 2, but young Carey started after all. Will desperation sink into immortal Bob Gainey, as he pencils in Jaro? More at 11.
  • Almost everyone expected Washington to be immortal until the second round, with heroic Alfred E. Newman leading the charge. Boudreau pushed the panic button early and started rookie Simeon Varlamov for Game 2. The move payed off as Varley lost a one goal Game 2, and pulled a shutout out of his ass in MSG in Game 3 for his first in pros. Cue confidence.
  • The Battle of Pennsyltucky looked like a one-sided affair. Until the series shifted to Philly, and everyone started playing that type of hockey. Now its a series. Yeah, I'm not convinced.
  • Is Columbus the new Atlanta? After making their first postseason ever, Detroit has flicked the switch to playoff hockey, and Columbus appears as if they don't have a prayer. However, the series shifts to Ohio tonight and the atmosphere alone could make the BJ's more than just a hoe hummer this postseason.
  • At least one win is respectable, right? St. Louis could be the first team guilty of missing that benchmark, after an inspired run to the sixth seed from the basement back in February. Overachievers? Maybe finishing 8th would have made for an easier matchup?
  • Yes, yes, playoff choke artist the San Jose Sharks are down two games on home ice after putting up the best home, and overall, record in the entire league. The other state battle is sure to go off like a powderkeg tonight in lovely, balmy, Orange County. I have no doubt that the Sharks will come out of a cannon, (instead of a shark), tonight in a crucial game for their postseason lives. I would bet the house the Sharks come out a winner tonight. The flukey Ducks are just as likely to drop two on home ice.


  • Montreal not turning into a riot, when a riot is actually warranted.
  • The Devils and Hurricanes sending two games into overtime, and still boring the crowd to tears.
  • Theodore letting in soft goals? Noooo. Getting replaced by a rookie goaltender by the second game in the first round? That doesn't sound like the Teddy I know. How did Colorado give this guy up? Don't they collect shitty goaltenders now?
  • Philadelphia playing like dusty old farts. How is that city not losing its shit right now?
  • Is Vancouver this good? Or is it just that they're playing a team from Missouri?
  • Is Calgary this bad? Or is Bertuzzi just the ultimate curse?
  • Chris Osgood still not getting any respect. How can this be? Maybe its your fucking helmet, dude? I'll pay for a new one with Rodney Dangerfield painted on it.
  • The Ducks youth movement. Could the Iowa Chops really be grooming the draft picks this well? What are they putting in those Baby Backs?

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