Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Thank You Holiday

Well I've been here over a year now, and with well over a hundred posts since then, it feels like I'm finally starting to find a groove. Sometimes its work coming up with ideas and churning posts out and always time consuming but its a labor of love that we truly enjoy. I'd like to thank you all for reading, whoever you may be, and I encourage you to comment on here (good or bad) and other blogs, because we know full well that getting a response it the most rewarding thanks we could receive. So again, thank you, and comment some more fuckers.

I planned to be prolific this week, and with nine posts in the last week (that's a lot for me, STFU already) I think I accomplished that. I just finished up my unsigned copy of Theo's book and plan to get my thoughts out on it in the near future because of course I've run out of time. I'm heading out to Phoenix this weekend to catch the Coyotes and the Stars play on Friday night, which I'm pretty excited about. I figured I'd go see the Desert Dogs experience before it goes extinct, if in fact it does. But I wanted to take it all in so I can accurately write about my experience there, and how the Coyotes are perceived by the Phoenix sporting public.

In any case have a good holiday, drink up, be merry. Thanks again.


walkinvisible said...

are you gonna wear your flaming C #18 lombardi jersey (c'moooon... i know you've got one... borrow your wife's !!).

thanks for the shoutout.

Nuuuuugs said...

I've got a flaming C t-shirt, but that's about the limit of my expenditure. Besides its against my personal rules to wear logos of teams not involved in the contest, without proper justification, to a game. But those rules are for further explanation, another time.

walkinvisible said...

understood. except in this case, if you did actually have a lombo jersey.

Nuuuuugs said...

Speaking of Lombardi, the Coyotes were plugging the hell out of him at the game. More than one interview, a question as to how many career points he had for three members of the crowd for tickets to an upcoming game, and several mentions of his "gear" (t-shirt with his name and number on the back). I almost bought you one until I realized I had spent all my cash on overpriced brew. Next time.