Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday Night Notes

Even though I was away from the glory that is my Center Ice package and my mini-fridge filled with beer, I still managed to take down copious notes as I surveyed the league through highlights and the third period of the Ducks vs. Flames game. Commuting sucks, what can I tell you. We'll skim through the first nine with more content on the last. And away...
Preds 3 vs. Wings 1
* Drew Miller looks as if he as a new lease on life after being dealt to the Bolts from the Ducks, put on waivers and picked up by Holland. His move to the front of the net was determined, getting the lone marker for the Red.
* Pekka is now playing for next year's paycheck like I knew he would. His roaming goalie routine with the sliding poke check was pretty sweet. My pick for the top FA goaltender at the end of the year.
* Nashville is on a six-game win streak going 8-2 in the last 10.
Isles 4 vs. Leafs 3 (OT)
* Rolosson made 58 saves on 61 shots. 61 Shots.
* Phil Kessel took 12 of those in case you were wondering. One went in, he now has six on the truncated year.
* Matt Moulson got another one for 11 goals in 24 games. Who the fuck is Matt Moulson? This is Matt Moulson, glorious, glorious locks of Moulson.
* After giving up three, Toskala decided to call it a night, told Wilson it was his groin. Gus finished, allowing the Leafs to climb back into the game.
* Nik Hagman absolutely pissed on Freddy Meyer. Who's Freddy Meyer? Fuck, I don't know.
Rags 7 vs. BJ's 4
* Jackets score first two. Rangers score seven. Jackets score two more. Yeah. Maybe I should add that after the Jackets got two, Torts called a TO and basically did one of his 'Hi I'm John Tortorella, I'm your coach, and I'm pissed, now don't you feel like an asshole, get out there and play' legendary verbal abuse ass kicks. Shit, it worked.
* Gaborik with 2 goals and 2 assists, and Avery with 2 goals.
* Del Zotto looked sharp on his goal, head up, take the lane if its given to you. Nice shot just inside the far post.
* Gilroy with a breakaway goal, made Garon look stupid.
Pens 3 vs. Cats 2 (OT)
*Nathan Horton's speed was pretty impressive outskating the Pens defenseman to get a scoring chance to no avail.
* The big debate today is on the Panthers jersey, Scotty Wazz, Puck Daddy minions. To me, its a pass considering that their normal jersey is probably the worst in the League, but it does looks a lot like the Pens third in color, and that similar logo style on the Wild home and Blues thirds.
Sens 4 vs. Caps 3 (OT)
* Mike Fisher is the greatest thing since sliced bread, after Underwood goes on the morning show circuit with Ellen and Regis & Kelly and talks him up. That and he actually started putting up points. Gets the OT winner, and the girl.
* Pascal Leclaire took a puck in the jaw while sitting on the bench, we'll see what that does to him. Ed. note: It did this.
B's 4 vs. Notes 2
*Lucic and Savard return to lineup and kick start Boston's locker room. Will it be enough, and will it last?
* Bergeron with four assists, I mentioned something about him finally returning to form, didn't I?
*Carlo Colaiacovo with a goal going hard to the net, and an assist.
Stars 2 vs. Canes 0
* Morrow and Gleason go at it right after opening faceoff. Something must have pissed them off.
* There was no one in the arena that night, I'm sure the stands filled up a little more after puck drop, but someone even left a comment in that video about it.
* Turco was flopping all over the place to preserve the shutout. Not like there was anywhere to go but up, it seems as if he's put last season behind him.
Avs 5 vs. Flys 4
* Colorado and Anderson have come back to Earth going 1-4-1 in the last 6, but played hard against a tough Philly team and got the win.
* Scott Hannan scored, alert the media.
* What is with the skill players on the Flyers getting into fights lately? Are they really trying that hard to fit in to the Broad Street mantra? Giroux got into it with Svatos last night, and Briere hugged it out with Vlasic last Friday.
* Speaking of Briere, he had two goals and two assists, Jeff Carter also had two goals for Philadelphia, David Jones had two goals and Paul Stastny had a goal and two assists for Colorado.
Oil 4 vs. Dogs 0
*'Wait, wait, pull what out?' This was a what happened here kinda game. Three goals in less than 12 minutes and the second and third goals were 7 seconds apart.
* Lombardi shoved one in his own net to help Edmonton, guess he still wants to play for Alberta.
* Dustin Penner has had some strong games since MacTavish left town.
* The guy with the biggest last name in the League (Drouin-Deslauriers) got the shutout.
Ducks 3 vs. Flames 2 (SO)
* Giguere looked like he finally got that kick in the pants he needed. He looked strong, making big saves behind a shoddy defense, to keep the Ducks in it. Stopped 43 shots and all 3 shootout attempts. All he needed was to 1. talk shit to the press, 2. do damage control after press smelled shit, 3. play like you deserve $6mil a year. By the way, that was his first win since March.
* Did I mention how shitty the Anaheim defense looked? I did? Well it was. Shitty. They were mishandling pucks, and getting beat left and right. Even Niedermayer looked out of place, making up for it with a timely stick check, but still what's the deal? Sick? Tired? Old? Last night's game looked like this could in fact be his last season.
* Glencross was dancing through the defense more often than not last night with one goal on three breaks. The goal was a ripper though.
* Artyukhin lined up with Selanne and Koivu? Are you sure Randy? There were several mentions of Arty's foot speed by announcer John Ahlers, and not in a derogatory way like they should have been directed.
* The Ducks have 21 of the next 30 games on the road. Yeah, that sounds like fun.
* Glencross/Langkow/Conroy is like this dreamy line that reminds you of days gone by. KowConCross.
* Oh, have I mentioned Iginla in October vs. Iginla in November? I forgot. Five game point streak, seven goals in those five, and 16 goals on the year. Dreamy.
* I was laughing my ass of with that little exchange towards the end of the game. Jokinen nails Perry into Kipper. Perry doesn't hold back and throws his arms out into the mask of Kiprusoff. Miikka starts smacking Perry. Phaneuf feels the need to help, he gets leveled by Boynton charging in. Iginla and Bobby Ryan are exchanging pleasantries with facewashes, and we end up four on four. Comedy, pure comedy.
* Did Olli look for Iggy or what?! What did I tell you?! Sure he had three Ducks on him, but normally he's taking that shot anyway. Jokinen is slowly learning to look for Iginla before he takes that normally obligatory shot. And as a dog biscuit to Olli for passing instead of shooting, Brent lets him take a turn in the shootout. Should have let Jarome go instead. By the way, that play was offsides, big time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love hockey, (in my best Kanye West accent). One game tonight, but 14 on Wednesday. Yessssssssssss.

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