Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interabang... Look it up.

? One of the questions last night on NHL Network from Brian Duff to Dave Reid was 'will Stamkos hit 50 goals?' I guess its a fair question considering his totals up to this point, but my first reaction was, 'are you serious?!' The kid's definetely got it in him, but in the years ahead, if hits it this year I would be very surprised.

! Speaking of 50 goals, I would say Dany Heatley's got that well within reach and will surely be in the race between Ovechkin and Kopitar as to who hits it first, now that he's got magical setup man Jumbo Joe with him. How the hell did Thornton fish those passes through the Philly defense, not once but twice? Reid hit it on the head with his comment about Joe, ' the guy has no interest in shooting the puck.' Werd Dave, werd.

? Briere has eight goals? When the hell did that happen? Nowhere near the amount he should have considering the bloated contract that's been weighing him down the last few seasons. Either that or the groin, one of the two. Speaking of Briere, did you see his little tussle with mild mannered Vlasic last night? Pretty tame, probably their first fighting majors but I'm too lazy to look it up.

? How many quality chances does vanRiemsdyk get? How many does he actually put in? Time after time, I see highlights of this kid with great chances and missing the net. Rookie mistakes that he'll no doubt be burying as time goes on.

! Patrick Marleau has to be most dangerous guy in the League when the Sharks are shorthanded. It seems like every time I post comments I'm going on and on about this guy. Wilson's going to be making a big mistake if he lets him go, but I know, money's the issue too. But Thornton/Heatley/Marleau together on a line, scary. McLellan sent it out a few times last night too.

! Malhotra scored a goal for both the Sharks and the Flyers last night. Nice.

? Can you tell what game I watched last night? Catching the matinee of the Flames and Kings this afternoon, can't promise any notes from that one, even though I know you love it.


walkinvisible said...

that paragraph on van riemsdyk: substitute jokinen for VRD in every sentence except the last and it totally applies....

unfortunately it's the last sentence that matters.

fyi: word ver starts with "ack"

Nuuuuugs said...

You know what I did notice though, and I wanted to mention this to you earlier... Jokinen is starting to apply that 'look for Iggy before shooting approach' as opposed to the 'shoot first, ask questions later' method. He's still new to it, so he's made some unreasonable passes, but give him some time. He could be 'Rome's setup man afterall.

Nuuuuugs said...

Oh, and you lost me with the 'word ver starts with "ack" bit.

walkinvisible said...

the word verification for my comment started with the three letters "ack," as in: "jokinen sucks.... ack !"

a choking, suffering noise.