Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Nickel's Worth

*Chicago has only had 7 road games? WTF?

*Who gave Huet the kick in the pants he needed? Is he back in the good graces of the Second City yet? He looked pretty damn sharp to me, and his teammates were making him look even better by running up seven on Kiprusoff.

*Kopecky truly is worthless. Come to think of it was he really that great in Detroit, or was being on that Wings team make him look better?

*Iginla blocks Keith's shot, attempts to beat him in a foot race to the puck, and Duncan mugs him like a pro off the streets of Chicago. No penalty shot was the right call, it was a scoring chance for a sure, but he was never in the clear, and possession was a little iffy. It feels warm in here, did someone turn on the heat?

*Andrew Ladd's shot on the break was a thing of beauty, below the glove hand on the far post. Awesome.

*The Calgary defense looked like shit last night, no one looked good. Phaneuf gets in a hugging match with Seabrook after his hit on on Langkow, to make it look like he was doing something all night other than loaf around like a sloth. Either that or he just wanted out of the game. Maybe both. And this after his (supposed) yelling match with Sutter no less. Nice effort Dion, I hope Brent strung a lot of expletives to 'lazy.'

*Okay correct me if I'm wrong. The Leafs were up 3-0 at the 1st intermission, no? Then how the fuck do you lose 6-5 to the draggin' ass Hurricanes no less?

*Jeff Finger may be giving Brendan Witt competition for worst defenseman in the League right now. Although, too his credit Witt had a two goal night a few games ago. Before that he hasn't scored since he was in Juniors.

*What the hell was up with that no goal call on the Wings in Dallas the other night? That was brutal. Oh, karma just called, Detroit, its for you.

*Kovalchuk still lighting it up. Four goals and seven assists in four games since coming back from injury. That's three nights with three points or more. I have a feeling this will be a recurring trend through the rest of the season.

*Niedermayer's OT winner was just a well-placed shot, but it shouldn't have gone to overtime. Looked like the Ducks didn't even care that they were on the PP, just slowly skating around the offensive zone, until Getzlaf draws two defenders away from Scotty's shooting lane. Did you see the fight in the stands after Nied's was trying to give away his Star of the Night signed stick. Orange County, should have had Pennywise's 'Bro Hymn' playing in the background.

*Arthyukin was playing and more importantly hitting like he wasn't too fond of his old teammates.

*Man do I feel bad for Mike Smith, every time I see him play it looks like the world's taking a shit on his lap.

*But the highlight reel goal was Stamkos' second whack while on his ass, up and over Hiller. We all knew he'd eventually be scoring goals like that soon enough.

*Tkachuk looked like he had a mouthful of dip in between the 1st and second. Gotta love that behind the scenes coverage.

*Oshie with the barehander to forehand to backhand to break up that slump. Nice. But Mason kept them in that game, and the only reason why they won, and the Blues needed that win bad. Not as much as the Hurricanes, but.

*Wait. What's this? Jonathan Cheechoo scores a goal? Oh, it was already 5 to 1 by then. Still looks good on paper.

*Huselius with a shorthander in the 1st, and then a powerplay goal in the second. Solid.

*That's it, I'm flipping back and forth between the Sharks and Flyers, and the Avs and 'Nucks tonight. Enjoy.

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