Saturday, October 24, 2009

Supa Scaterday

Well my hockey extravaganza got fucked royally since I had to listen to my father-in-law lecture about fuckknowswhat on a surprise visit. That was just all types of awesome. But in any case, Calgary/Edmonton was the only tilt I got to watch, (and the occassional flipping around on the late games), but tonight these guys were not smiling...

Sutter was all kinds of pissed after Stortini's run at Iginla by the benches, and Jarome's subsequent face smash to Huggy Bear that earned him two in the box. And Quinn, well, his team was getting pounded.

Speaking of Zack, this dude reminded me of Carl Racki tonight just hurling himself at anything in red, and whacking at the puck with the precision of a Special Olympics floor hockey tournament. The kind of dipshit who stands next to the net and tips in that easy shot because no one bothers to cover the waste of life, just like in the "well"-choregraphed hockey scenes of the movie. He was doing anything and everything to get that next shift, and Quinn kept giving it to him.
I commented earlier how Kevin Weekes wasn't half bad as a commentator on the broadcasts, but I realized its kind of hard to take him seriously when he's talking to all the young goaltenders out there, giving the tips on how to maintain your focus like Kiprusoff. Maybe you should have focused a little more in your career Kevin. But he did bring up Khabibulin's history against the Flames which I completely forgot. I'd want to kick the shit out of him every night if he kept me one win away from hockey immortality.
At times I thought Calgary was getting a hometown discount from the guys wearing orange. I could have seen them handing out a cross-checking penalty to Bourque on that first Calgary goal, but I'm glad they didn't, good no call. Langkow's pass back to Rene was a thing of beauty by the way. But the Flames power play is just killing it, great puck movement on the man advantage.
And I think Nigel Dawes might be the most underrated pickup of the free agency lot this summer. Between him and Sjostrom, their play is making Darryl look like a genius.

Other than that, Iggy's shooting at logos and not twine, that's gotta change. Edmonton needs Souray and Staios back badly. And probably a few more forwards. Khabby should have made it easy on himself and taken the tax-free contract in the KHL.

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walkinvisible said...

Between him and Sjostrom, their play is making Darryl look like a genius.

ahhhh, the sutter=genius argument. yes, it takes a savvy man to pick up two unwanted role playing forwards at bargain-basement prices, and encourage them to introduce pucks to nets.

on the other hand, it takes a moron to give up two roster players and a first round draft pick for a 5.5 million dollar third line centre with declining stats and a career -83.