Monday, October 19, 2009

Are You 'In The Loop?'

Maybe I'll even get a couple strokes from the boys now.

Uh dude, that's a little gay.

Sure its taken out of context, but are we going to split hairs here and dispute the homoeroticism within professional sports? I think not. Yes, our new favorite player blog on 'the Grip' (the nickname we've given our little slice of sarcasm) is 'In The Loops.' You get the play on words there? Loops, as in the retarded nickname from braindead teammates given to Joffrey Lupul.

After talking about how dumb, rich, and supercool he is, he goes on to describe a rather dull roadtrip. It all began with a puck in the eye, or a nut in the eye, I'm not really sure, I kinda skimmed through it. Then he mentioned Corey Perry's worm, how Teemu's still got a great ass, and just "bonding" with the rest of the guys.

In any case, if you've got questions for Joffrey, please send them in, he'll only answer the best ones in his blog. My question for Joffrey is... Why do you spell your name like a fucking retard? I hope its good enough, (fingers crossed).

PS... See if you can spot Loops gay ass tattoo. Drink until you forget why when you see it in order to scourge the memory from your brain.

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