Friday, October 30, 2009

A One Off... and the Mask

I'm just going to throw out names or teams and a quick comment or two on each just to keep it breezy. Only got to watch the Kings vs. Canucks game last night, and as Terry Murray eloquently put it, it was "a great road game" for the 'Nucks as beat up and depleted as they were, and the Kings really should have beat them. So my first thoughts lead out with players from that game. And a here we go...

  • Raycroft - My old buddy. Wasn't spectacular in the win, but he made some saves and got the job done. He had a nice poke check followed up with a lucky stab with the glove to keep the puck out and the game even. The paint job on his helmet is atrocious, folks we are running out of ideas.
  • Kopitar - Is finally getting the respect he deserves. Kings fans have known that he's an elite talent that hasn't gotten his due as he's just starting to now. He's not lights out like Ovechkin or Malkin but he's pretty fucking good.
  • Drewiskie - Has really impressed me in his last few games. He's been aggressive enough to jump up into the play, not all that common for a rookie defenseman with other heralded offensive defenseman on the blueline, (Johnson, Doughty).
  • Ehrhoff - Is a shitty defenseman, bottom line. I have watched this guy intently, looking for a reason to like him, and I can't find it. He's been lucky enough to be part of two teams with great defenses to not make his shortcomings as apparent.
  • Samuelsson - A lazy bastard with great hockey sense. This is one of those guys that just has a nose for the net, an inate hockey sense, but he's so fucking lackadaisical that he'll never be as great as he could be, unless some coach, maybe AV, kicks him in the ass.

Okay lets move on from that game, random odds and ends...

  • Penner - has 9 goals. He had 17 total last season.
  • Stamkos - also has 9 goals. Starting to look like he's having fun out there.
  • Marty St. Louis - has points in all 10 games this season.
  • Tanguay - 1st goal of the season last night, key acquisition at the deadline, (read: scraping the bottom of the barrel.)
  • Wolski - There was an article on about how Colorado Head Coach Joe Sacco told Wojtek that he needs to get his ass in gear. His patience in the GW goal against Calgary was awesome, just waited everyone out. Had a goal the night before then too.
  • Crosby - Got a hat trick just in time to silence the media critics about his lack of production, and his disappearance within the Top 25 of the scoring race.


  • Boston - Are they a shell of the team they once were or what?
  • Buffalo - Who would have thought Buffalo would be this strong this year?
  • Atlanta - Did you see how empty the building was in the game last night against Ovechkin and the Caps? That is not a good sign, for any market. Its been pretty obvious in a lot of games this season that the lower bowl is pretty empty, and I'm not talking about just in the first period.

How 'bout we hit the 'tenders...

  • Var-LAHM-ov - 5 wins for 5 games, impressive. And Teddy's actually not playing terribly either.
  • Bryzgalov - Got his 3rd shutout of the year. I knew this guy was bound for great things, I just didn't know if it would be apparent in Phoenix. He needs to be good every night for the Coyotes for them to have a shot at winning. He can be.
  • Jimmy Howard - Is this guy a mess or what? Totally out of position, did you see those Edmonton goals? I don't know if he's a nervous wreck playing for Babcock or what.
  • Gustavsson - Continues to impress me. I may be the only one, or it may be the fact that the rest of the team is so unimpressive.

Speaking of goaltenders, the NHL Network has really been pumping up this 50 Years Behind the Mask show that airs at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Saturday night. Last night they had David Arrigo from The Art of Sport on the 'Fly' last night, and he was talking about all the masks he's been painting for various goalies around the league. And TSN had a poll for who has the best mask around the League. The poll results are bullshit, (Luongo's lame ass can), but the gallery is really cool except for one thing. They tried to pick the best mask out of each tandem and post it for each team. Well I think they felt obligated to put some goalies in with better name recognition than helmet design. Brodeur's design, and Luongo's just suck. My two favorites are Pekka Rinne's and Tuukka Rask's, Josh Harding's mask is pretty bad ass too. Check out for some great designs as well.

Enjoy Slobs!

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