Sunday, October 4, 2009

Notes from Super Saturday

I don't know if I ever seen more posts about one day of hockey, but the consensus seems to be that it was outstanding. Of course, people are already making random accusations, unreasonable predictions, and outlandish assumptions and we're only going into our 5th day of the regular season. Enjoy the excitement of the start of the season, but lets not start measuring dicks yet. There's plenty of hockey and drinking to do before we get to that point.

  • Don't think anyone expected the Avalanche, or the Blues to go 2 and 0. I expect that to continue for the Blues, but not for the Avalanche fans predicting their march to the playoffs. But stranger things have happened.
  • Funny how the home crowd brings out your best game, but only for Finns. Koistinen with a goal, and the shootout winner in the first of two, and Antti Niemi with the shutout in the second game.
  • Jimmy Howard looked wretched, and gave a few reasons as to why he hasn't made the bigs. I thoroughly enjoyed Babcock barking at him during that timeout.
  • Toskala allowed Ovechkin past him 1:17 into the game, giving up three goals on eight shots, and got pulled early. He looked like shit, I'll bet the house that Gustavsson starts the next game.
  • The Bruins throttled Carolina in an attempt at payback for Round Two last season. Spreading the wealth, seven different Bruins scored in that game.
  • Patrick Marleau's speed is amazing, given just the slightest of a lead, he is gone. Just ask Ryan Whitney. (0:46)
  • WTF, Heatley knows how to pass the puck? (1:04, same clip)
  • I get chills when I see Sheldon wind up at the blueline. Must have taken a lot of shit for that name.
  • Deuce deuce. Kovalchuk, Peverly, and St. Louis had 2 goals each, and Enstrom and Little had 2 assists a piece. I know, I'm reaching now.
  • Brent Sutter really tightened up the penalty kill after allowing 2 power play goals against Vancouver in their season opener. Freddy Shoes looked tenacious as did the rest of the killers against the Oil.
  • Seems like all the rookies got on the board in their first games, Tavares with a rebound, Hedman with a nicely placed, tippable shot, Duchene with an assist, I think Kane got on the board.
That's it, it was a great Saturday, hopefully I can manage to put some real posts together in the near future. Thanks for playing.

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