Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zetterberg's Deal

Henrik Zetterberg signed a 12-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings for $72million instead of testing the free agency market.

Good move?

Yeah probably. For both sides. The Wings get to keep a marquee player that they drafted something like 1,932nd overall, and Hank gets to play for arguably the best-run franchise in the League.

Did he sacrifice some cash to stay?

Maybe, but he's making $72million, how much money do you really need once you are collecting checks that big? He's set for life, as are his kids, and probably his kids, kids.

Now you may ask how this deal is different than lets say the Islanders 15-year deal for Rick DiPietro. While its true Jared Leto has had some back problems, even out right now with spasms, and Rick obviously is turning into Frankenstein with other people's hips and knees, and so forth. Its the way these franchises are viewed. DiPietro is screwed because he's stuck with the Isles, one of the worst run franchises in the league. The Isles are fucked because the franchise goaltender they signed for a decade and a half, is literally falling apart only three years into the contract. Even if the Wings don't expect Z to be playing at 40, or even 38, they're still way ahead in the deal, keeping one of the best defensive forwards in the league in the fold for the rest of his career. And they still have the money to re-sign Franzen who I predict will be the next big signing for the Wings within the next month or two. Probably something in the neighborhood of three years for $15million. Hossa will walk essentially becoming the new mercenary of the league.


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