Friday, April 16, 2010

Seeds? What Seeds?

Even Versus refuses to accept it.

What good are seedings other than to determine playoff matchups? They become meaningless once those top eight from each conference gets their invitation. #8 Colorado Avs throwing pucks on the #1 San Jose Sharks in the final minutes, #8 Habs beating on #1 ranked Ovie and the Caps, the limping #7 Flyers beating their Delaware River foes the #2 Jersey Devils.

Only three of the seven matches already played had the higher seeded team winning, Buffalo, Vancouver, and Phoenix, but that's a whole other discussion as to whether they're the under"dogs." Sorry.

The #4 against the #5 matchups are always kind of a wash, and with Phoenix winning their home opener, and Pittsburgh losing theirs, that holds true. But its the #8 against the top seed victories that are really baffling.

The Sharks are known as the Buffalo Bills of the NHL, where Joe Thornton embodies Jim Kelly, but they've never even come close to taking a shot at that field goal, let alone getting to that game. They're solid through and through, from offensive firepower to a solid defensive core, to marquee goaltending, and good coaching, yet they can't handle the postseason pressures no matter how many times Doug Wilson remakes the lineup. They had to scratch and claw to tie the Avs at one, a team that fell flat after the O-break, in the first game of the series at the Shark tank. And now they've got the same question looming, are they the genuine article when it comes to choke artists?

Take a look at the Washington Capitals, a team that probably received the most votes to be a first round sweeper. The Habs kept them knotted up at two to force OT, where noted media-elected "shit-talker" Plekanec put in the winner just a little past halfway of the extra frame. Two goals for the offensive juggernaut that is the Washington Capitals. And now the questions come raining down on Ovechkin, does he succumb to the pressure of the big game? We all know about last year's great series between the Pens and Caps, (or Crosby vs. Ovie depending on how you look at it), that led up to the eventual Game 7 stinker that Capitals submitted that night.

Granted, all this talk is premature and we're only one game into seven of the eight series, a lot can happen. But the room for doubt now has a 'No Vacancy' sign posted.

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