Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anyone With Half a Brain...

Detroit may be called Hockeytown, but its fans have to be the dumbest mutts this side of the border.

Valteri Flippula's shot about halfway through the first period squeaked past Bryzgalov and, as Pierre McGuire said, "did a dirty little dance along the goal line," but it never crossed the goal line. The referee on the scene made the washout signal right away, and the Coyotes continued with the play. Once the play was blown dead, after a chorus of 'Boos' rained down from the Joe Lou seats, the play was shown on the screen above center ice. Originally, the ref wasn't even going to look at the play, he was sticking with his decision, that was until he glanced up at the replay, and the faithful red encouraged him otherwise.

He headed over to the scorers' table to confer with the replay officials upstairs, (I don't even think he looked at it), and immediately indicated a faceoff in Detroit's zone, (after the icing to end the play). The boobirds returned until they could muster up the energy to get 'Bullshit' going.

Its one thing to try to "convince" the referees into making a call, its another to prove what kind of fucking idiots pay to wear the red and white.

(Ed. note: I'll try and find a replay of it as soon as one's available.)


Matteau the Magic Wrap-Around said...

Watching an NHL broadcast with Pierre's commentary is like watching women's gymnastics with my perverted uncle.

Wings fans are dickheads, there's little doubt of that. It tends to happen when a town is graced with a team that does well over an extended period of time. They can afford to be dickheads because, in the end, they can't seem to jinx their team. In a perfect world, that team would move to Milwaukee so I can respect their players without having to overcome my hate the team in general.

Nuuuuugs said...

You should hear him on the atdhe.net simulcasts when they don't cut away to commercials from the TSN broadcast. Classy stuff.

Hockeytown being full of ballsacks is a scientific fact. What I'm trying to point out is that they're not only douches, but they're ignorant douches who don't know the rules of the game they profess to love.