Friday, February 5, 2010

Trade Deadline: 25 Days, Roster Freeze: 6 Days

Phaneuf fights, Giguere pitches a shutout and all is right in T-dot. Kovalchuk goes to Devils sets up the game winner, and the Leafs return to their losing ways by giving up a 3-1 lead, and everything comes into balance once again.

Uhh, San Jose, I don't know, don't they lose every year?

The Cockblock
A No Trade Clause is a powerful thing, yet they seem to be handed out like candy. Everybody and their mother has one including Bird Dogg and a Mr. Niclas Wallin. Originally it was thought that Nic didn't want to go to San Jose, or leave Carolina, but now it sounds as if the length of term on the contract extention offered by Doug Wilson was too long for him. Unusual considering its almost guaranteed money on a bound-to-win-sooner-or-later team, but hey to each his own. Apparently its all come to a screeching halt, I'm sure Doug was none too happy about that complaint, and now the Sharktank faithful are spitballing ideas for another defenseman to acquire. The thing I can't get my head wrapped around, is the Sharks willingness to do away with Ryane Clowe. He's a big power forward with great hands, and a mean streak when the time calls for it. He digs hard in the corners, and he's had his fair share of both pretty and ugly goals. Contending teams would be wise to give him a good look if he really is available.

The List
Sheldon Souray has reportedly prepared a list for Oilers GM Jeff Tambellini of six teams he is willing to relocate to. Suprisingly there are just as many Western Conference teams as there are Eastern Conference teams. As speculated both Southern California teams were mentioned, as was Dallas, all convenient options when travelling to see his daughters in greater Los Angeles. In addition, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City were also losted as potential destinations for the big defenseman with the heavy shot. He is currently nursing a surgically repaired broken hand that he suffered in a fight with Jarome Iginla, which could limit the lust for his services on the open market, or at least of those six teams. He has had problems with his hands before, and is recently returned to the Oilers after suffering a concussion earlier in the season. The sexy man with funny name has every intention of returning to a lineup during the regular season, and ready for the playoffs.

Who's Left?
Well Kovy's been dealt and had a coming out party in Jersey, and now the rest of the League can take a breath again. So who's left to be moved? Well it looks like Scott Howson, who gave Hitchcock his walking papers earlier this week, is more than willing to deal free agent to be Raffi Torres. Torres has one hell of a season in Edmonton's miracle run to the finals, his career bests, but has only played one full season since then. This year he's got 16 goals and 10 assists and has only missed four games on a miserable Columbus team. Burke has let it be known that Alexei Ponikarovsky is also available, quite bent on the idea of re-creating this team from his blueprint. Many of the Leafs players that were on the team when Burke reached office have been dealt including six most recently. Ponikarovsky is third on the team in points, and second in goals to a man who doesn't play for Leafs anymore (Hagman). Someone will want those extra points. Ray Whitney is still available, as are just about every other Hurricane not named Staal, Sutter, or Ward, Cam Ward that is.

Rumor Mill
Rostislav Olesz and Florida prospect Drew Shore have been dealt to Edmonton for I believe, Shawn Horcoff (not Drew) and a draft pick reported by George Richards of the Miami Herald.

Roster Freeze goes into effect 2/12 at 11:59pm, lifts on 2/28 at 11:59pm. Trade Deadline ends 3/3 at 3pm ET.


walkinvisible said...

i guess wallin wanted to go after all, hunh ? he's for sure one and done, like håkan loob.... which is some excellent company to keep.

Nuuuuugs said...

That's loyalty to want to stay in Carolina after a season like this year's, as opposed to going to San Jose. I've read elsewhere that Dougie's been after Wallin for a while now, almost two years he said. Now that's lust. By the way, I lust for Loob. And how to type Swedish accents like you.

walkinvisible said...

alt A for håkan loob.
alt U then O for freddie sjöström.
i still haven't figured out how to properly accent Ales Kotalik™ but it's alt 2 for the TM.

Nuuuuugs said...

You're like a goddess that walks among mere mortals on the blogspot.