Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Notes From the Night 12/9

What you see above folks, is known as a Moleskine. Its what I normally take notes, do doodles, and use as my hangar for paper airplanes. Why is this important you ask, its not. I just figured I drop some useless knowledge on your ass. More useless than normal.
My game tonight was Calgary and Atlanta, why I don't know. I wanted to finally get a good look at Kovalchuk, since I've been talking him up so much. I wanted to keep a close eye on the newest Flames, sure you loved (Pocket) Dawes right away, but its taken you some time to warm up to the Orangutan. But my main reason for watching was because I've been really crushing on Miikka.

But I did get to watch a few other games, so don't change the channel just yet.

Washington @ Buffalo
*Ryan Miller is the real deal, if the Sabres go anywhere in the playoffs it'll be because of him. He was guilty of robbery more times than once tonight.
*I think I would have started Var-LAH-mov instead of Teddy against the Sabres, considering the goals they scored.
*Did you notice the Hail Mary's the Caps defensemen were throwing up the ice? I counted at least three.

New York Islanders @ Toronto
*Finally, the Leafs defenseman start shooting the puck at the net.
*Schenn absolutely plastered Jon Sim.
*Did you hear about Brendan Witt getting hit by a car in Philadelphia the other day? Hilarious. Would have been better if he was unable to play hockey again. Oh that's right, he can't do that anyway.
*Tavares with two power play markers, he's certainly moving along with 15 goals.
*Blake with the dagger to take out his old team. Blonde bastard.
*What's this? The Leafs are starting to win? 7-2-1 in their last 10? Only 5 points out of a playoff spot? Pretty scary.

Carolina @ New Jersey
*The Brodeur shutout watch is in full swing. God, I hope he gets it soon, so that this doesn't have to drag out.
*Cam Ward is back, the first victim of the leg laceration for the Hurricanes. Joe Corvo's the other.
*Highlights praising dull goals from a defenseman who hasn't scored since the Swedish Elite League. Yeah, Jacques Lemaire hockey is back in Jersey.
*All unlikely goal scorers for Jersey, Greene with two, Rob Niedermayer, Elias. Yeah, Elias.

Florida @ Columbus
*I don't know how Brassard snuck that in on the short side up high on Vokoun. Nice shot.
*Steve Mason (not Chris) with his first shutout this far into the season? Sounds like the sophomore slump to me.
*When is David Booth coming back? Please.

Edmonton @ Tampa Bay
*Stortini looked like he was trying to slap Konopka in that early scrap. Zach was certainly busy in this game, with a goal, an assist, and plenty of the usual shit-stirring with the tackling of Downie. Nice Howe trick.
*By the way, nice pass Hale.
*Hedman's shot was vicious.
*Dustin Penner with another one. That's 17 goals.
*Deslauriers' got four straight wins. Khabby's contract was worth how much?

St. Louis @ Detroit
*Conklin doesn't like it when you don't renew his contract. He always finds a way to beat his old team. "I'd be lying if I didn't say there isn't a little extra motivation," honest guy. Nice shutout, he stood on his head to get it, 42 saves.
*Todd Bertuzzi might be the most useless human on Earth. He had all day on that breakaway, and couldn't even argue his way into a goal.
*How many power plays did Detroit get? And a five on three? And got shutout? Babcock must be pissing needles.

New York Rangers @ Chicago
*When Avery's agent pulled off the miracle of getting him back on the Rangers after his sloppy show in Dallas I thought 'Good, that team is too vanilla.' Well Avery's so brainwashed about keeping his hands clean that he's now more boring than vanilla. I saw him do his usual brush-by on Seabrook, and Brent wasn't having any part of it, and just totally whacked him like a fly. Sean let out one of those 'Hey, he hit me' that fell on deaf ears.
*Is it me, or is Duncan Keith trying to do too much since he signed his ridiculous 12year contract. He even looks like he's trying to add another stride in between his normal stride just so that he feels like he's working harder, but it makes him look like he's going slower. Like when you're riding a bike in the wrong gear, pedaling to nowhere.
*Lundqvist played his ass off in that game, keeping the Rangers in it. Its a shame they couldn't help him out, and backcheck in overtime.
*Byfuglien's goal was just pure effort of outworking your opponent. Beauty goal to win it in OT. Goal of the night.

Minnesota @ Colorado
*Duchene's goal was legit, that was robbery by a convict in stripes.
*Backstrom looked stellar as usual. But Andy, no I'm sorry, Budaj wasn't bad either.
*Yeah that's pretty much it. And it was Versus. Fooey.

Los Angeles @ San Jose
*Drew Doughty is the complete package.
*Marleau has another goal. That's 20. Twenty.
*Thornton provides 2 assists tonight for 35. That makes 42 points.
*Nabokov runs hot and cold I'll tell ya. Some nights he looks unstoppable, other nights (like the playoffs) he looks like a backup's backup.
*Kopitar finally get another one, after he was tearing it up in the beginning of the season.
*Malhotra had a nice rip to tie it up.
*Dustin Brown with the OT winner to break his 80game goal-less streak.

And last but not least...

Atlanta @ Calgary
*This game started out super slow, as if the Flames knew they could just control the whole game and were biding their time waiting for the perfect opportunity. Scoreless first period.
*Colby Armstrong was a dirty little bastard in this game, and was doing an excellent job of getting under the Flames' skin. Glencross(X) put him on his ass early and then whispered in his ear, "I'm going to beat your ass later." Colby wouldn't be disappointed.
*I am loving Jokinen and Iginla on the same line when they can draw bodies to them, and dish to the other for the wide open shot. Perfect example on Olli's goal.
*Dawes probably would have had two if he didn't bat that one down into the net.
*Kovalchuk really did not impress me whatsoever in this game. Maybe an off night, maybe I'm giving him too much credit. Kiprusoff robbed him with the glove on more than one occasion, speaking of which...
*Miikka was dreamy.

That's it, thanks for playing.

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