Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Joke's on YOU!

Drafted by the Kings in the late 90's. That sucks.

Traded to the Isles during the Gorton's era. That sucks.

Traded to the Panthers, and suffering 8 years in that franchise. That sucks.

Trade rumors swirl once again, and then you're told you're going from one hockey hell to another, this time Phoenix. That sucks.

Finally traded to a playoff bound franchise, and then labeled as a locker room cancer?
That really sucks.

Poor Olli, what does he have to do to get a little respect. Win a playoff series? Play a passionate game? Learn to not throw his feces like an orangutan?

The Saddledome Commonwealth is still chewing this one over, so it sure as shit isn't love at first sight. Upset with what they're giving up, a well-liked player in Lombardi, and more importantly a 1st Rounder, Flames Fans are at least content with getting defenseman Jordan Leopold back in the mix. But now they've got that 1st line center that Darryl's been lusting for years. Well, at least they think they do.

As for the humanity devouring name calling laid on Olli, is there any reason to believe there's any bigger locker room cancer than Mike Keenan himself? What, has he behaved himself this year? Did he go to the same anger management/zen buddhist/personal meditation school as Sean Avery sometime between here and Florida?

Its seems as if Jokinen may have been Keenan's choice, sharing Valentine's back in Florida with one another. So maybe bad apples keep the same company? Run in pairs? Ruin the whole cart? Whatever your metaphor, Jokinen's playoff performance has yet to be seen, and at the very least the Flames have put themselves in an even better position to make a run.

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Steal Thunder said...

Actually, according to Darryl Sutter it was Duane Sutter and not Keenan that influenced him to go after Olli...

Always good to add a blog by someone with a solid sense of humour...