Friday, December 18, 2009

One of These Guys is Worth His Contract

Can you guess which one?

If this is true, then Wade Redden's an even bigger asshole than you already thought.

Tortorella scratched the 'Contract Wonder' last night in the second of a home-and-home against the Isles along with Ales Kotalik. Well Wade was none too pleased, and screamed at the coach known for screaming after discovering the news. Brooks got it right (for once) with the line, 'utterly devoid of passion through the first 109 games of his Ranger career, [Redden] finally showed some emotion upon hearing the news about the scratch.'

But who's fault is it that Red's an underachieving, overpaid, humdrum defenseman?

Is it Wade's? Oh no no no, he simply accepted a job that he was underqualified for and paid beyond hansomely for it.

Is it Torts? Nah, he's just dealing with what the organization has given him, all the Redden's, Avery's, Kotalik's, Rozsivals, and Voros' that he can handle. A whole line of Gaborik's wouldn't make up for that, if you knew they couldn't play the whole game, (and their groins could go out just from reaching for the waterbottle).

Is it Sather's? Without a fucking doubt. This moron has offered countless ridiculous contracts and yet continues to keep his job and get a paycheck. Grabbing Gaborik doesn't make up for it, any idiot with enough cap space could have done that, (with the exception of maybe Lamoriello). You remember that he somehow dished the shame of the gargantuan flop of the Gomez contract over to Gainey and the Habs. How did he do that you ask? He got nothing in return.

But I'd also like to remind of you the gloriousness of other Sather contracts. Lets start with the amount of money that was a healthy scratch last night...

Wade Redden, Defenseman - $6.5mil/yr. until 2014. Yummy.
Ales Kotalik, Right Wing - $3mil/yr. until 2012. Tasty.

Then there's always...
Michal Rozsival, Defenseman - $5mil/yr. until 2012. That makes a formidable top pair.
Chris Drury, Center - $7mil/yr. until 2012. Drury's a solid hockey player, but there's no way he's going to live up to the worth of this contract.

In summation, Sather's a fucking tool. Just like most Ranger fans, a match made in Manhattan.

(Ed. Note: Tortorella's not gonna take it.)

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