Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You're From Where?

Mother Pucker made a pretty good find the other day for mapping hockey demographics. Quant Hockey put together a sweet map program that runs through Google Earth and plots the hometown and nationality of pro hockey players past and present.

Of course the most interesting are the players from really unexpected parts of the world, but most of those are players you've never heard of, or are more than likely military brats (like Rod Langway, born in Taiwan). Then again there's always some strange story like Robyn Regehr's who was born in Recife, Brazil to Mennonite Missionaries, moved to Indonesia (where his brother, Richie, who also played for the Flames, was born) for a while before spending the majority of his time growing up in Saskatchewan.

Did you know Thomas Vanek was born in Austria to a Slovak Mom and a Czech Dad, before immigrating to the United States to Sioux Falls, South Dakota when he was 14 years old?


How come Sweden and Finland are hockey hotbeds while Norway only has five pro players?



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