Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Red Carpet

Piss poor production quality and the Vegas atmosphere did nothing to spice up this otherwise bore of an event. And once again we learn how humble hockey players are compared to all other professional athletes.


Kuklas had this streaming video link up pre-Awards Show with the gorgeous Heidi Andriol and Carrie Milbank. Did these two titular beauties know that the microphones were on in between interviews with the attendees?

Probably not since it appears that the NHL has edited out about the first 5 minutes of the broadcast since the day of. Things you missed from that little juicy segment; they have no idea who any player is until one of the producers tells them, they both loved each other's make-up job, especially since they did it themselves, and how cute Max Talbot is. Totally.

The best part however was Carrie re-telling Heidi her little conversation with Geno; "He said, 'We won the Cup!' and I was like, 'Really?! Nobody fucking told me." Now tell me who doesn't love a sarcastic bitch with a great rack dropping 'F' bombs?

The Bruins, along with Ovie were cleaning up at the podium with Claude Julien taking the Jack Adams, Timmy Thomas taking the Vezina and the Jennings, (with Manny Fernandez), and Big Z surprising everyone for the Norris.

Speaking of the Norris, Mike Green, with his faux hawk and bow tie in tow, looked pretty pissed about missing out on the award. Nick Lidstrom, on the other hand looks great even in defeat.

His teammate Pavel looked a little unnerved by Ovie's comment about Datsyuk's english, which was funny to everyone else, as A.O. picked up his umpteenth award of the night.

Both Thomas and Chara showed a lot of humility and gratefulness in their acceptance speeches, meanwhile Ovechkin carried the swagger of League Pimp.

Messier almost cried, handing out his Leadership award to Jarome Iginla, a picture of class by the way.

The one thing that was really misplayed, the Gary Bettman-sized mock trophies. What the fuck was up with that? They were so small, half the players were forgetting them as they walked away from the podium. The best thing about the awards of the NHL, not to mention Stanley, is that they are larger than life. You walk around carrying those things and people are gonna notice. No question.

Whole breakdown of the award winners here.

Otherwise, lower the fucking price so I have an excuse to go to Vegas and piss away money instead of pissing it away before I even get there.

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