Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hockey Summer Calendar

Thursday, June 18th - NHL Awards Show, Las Vegas, NV
  • Relocated from the Hall in Toronto, the League tries to spicy up an otherwise dull event.
  • A Charity N0-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker Tourney will kick off the event, featuring Lu, Ovie, Mikey Richards, JR, Souray, Versteeg, LaFontaine, SeaBass, and Luc, and few other guys that ESPN made famous.
  • More speculation like this, after the trophies are handed out.
  • And you can always have some cheese and whine with me about the cost of tickets on an event that should be fan friendly, especially in this shitter of an economy.

Friday & Saturday, June 26th & 27th - NHL Entry Draft, Montreal, QC

  • "Planned as part of the Montreal Canadiens Centennial Celebration." Or at least, what's left of it.
  • I'm not big on these Mock Drafts, but I will, from time to time, give them a quick read to get an idea of the talent pool.
  • I've got an article planned focused on the amassing of picks in this year's draft, and the potential turnaround of a bottoming-out franchise known as the New York Islanders.

Wednesday, July 1st - Free Agency Bidding Wars

  • There's a few big names out there to be had, and some little ones too. I'll try to take a look at them, and give you a sterling recommendation based on my impeccable reputation. (For being an asshole.)
  • I'm getting the feeling that we are going to see more trades this summer than we did at the deadline. With the Cap staying roughly the same, ridiculous contracts unfullfilled, and general discontent from players, GM's, and fanbases, I think that will see some teams ushering out previously heralded saviors.

Later - Training Camps Open

  • Already?
  • Have a great summer. Shitheads.

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