Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Two Four

I hope you're all already shitty by now, I know you've been riveted to your seat waiting for this, but I'm still a little pissed that we're going to be watching the same Stanley Cup Finals matchup as last year.

So obviously, Detroit in six, Pittsburgh in six.

I only have a few things I can cling to now, and it all really hinges on Detroit losing.
  1. It would be great if Chicago did it, I would love it, that town would go nuts. I think Chicago/Pittsburgh is the best matchup we could hope for.
  2. If it has to be a rematch of last year, that Pittsburgh wins this year.
  3. And if worst comes to worst, that Carolina beats Detroit and they win their 2nd Cup in four years.

Can you tell how much I hate Detroit?

The hate is only stronger for the Rangers.

Did You Know... Paul Maurice coached the Hurricanes to a Finals matchup against Scottie Bowman and the Big Red Machine back in the 2001-2002 season.

FTW - That's not 'For The Win' that's 'Fuck The Wings'

Happy Motherfuckin' May Two Four. Get crunked.

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Davey Williams said...

I used to have the same hate-on for the Wings. I found that if you cover your pool roster with them every year, you quickly learn to love them. You may lose your soul, but you will love them.