Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hits and Highlights of Game 6 in Anaheim

There were none.
If this were not a playoff hockey game, where every game in a series matters, then this could have been in the running for possibly the most boring game ever. Anything exciting that happened, any time a goal was scored, it was the result of a mistake. An idiotic, passion-less mistake that should not be made for two teams of this caliber.
I'll be honest, I was walking into this game figuring the Wings would take it, and probably pretty easily, as they've shown they're able to do. It would be up to the Ducks to put on a stronger effort than their opponent. But no one played like they wanted to win. It was like a game early in the series, where teams can always fall back on excuses like 'we'll get them next game, we'll get that one back.' But the Ducks got one more lucky bounce than the Wings, and so we'll go to Game 7.

Now, I'm not a guy who needs a bunch of goals to be entertained, so lets not lump me in with that bunch of assholes blaming a 2 to 1 score. But there was just no desire out there, no exciting plays, no great scoring chances, no need for big saves. The biggest things we took out of the night was that it was going to a Game 7, and some of the marquee Red Wings got a little roughed up at the end. Other than that, it was pretty much all bullshit.

But I promised you pictures, and while I'll admit they're quite shitty, they matched the effort on the ice.

I would say this was about 20 minutes to about a half hour before start team. The seats were still not filled by about 10 minutes into the first. The arena announcer stated that it was a sellout later in the game, but there were empty seats, and plenty of untouched towels.

Look at all these fucking mutts. Red Wings fans rank up there for some of the most arrogant douchebags in the sporting world. And they're fucking everywhere, like peppermint-colored cockroaches. They tried to get a few chants going, but were quickly overpowered by the home crowd. Anyone wearing the red and white after the game was definetely taking a lot of shit. Well deserved.

We can't 'Rock the Red' or have 'Whiteouts' or any cool shit like that, we have to sport orange for Orange County out here. Its either that or be a Kings fan. And then you have to be a Raiders fan. And then you have to drive to LA. And support a crappy team. And no self-respecting human wants to do any of those things.

A clean sheet. Is there anything better?
That night there wasn't.

Some asshole actually did manage to sneak some aquatic life into the rink, and threw it over the glass at a really pointless time of the game. I guess it was to spark the away team into some inspired play. It didn't.

The most exciting part of the game, the melee at the end of the game. And it wasn't that exciting. The melee, and therefore the game as a whole. This is like the sports media's swine flu. Lets make a big deal out of this and generate some headlines. It was some boys roughhousing at the end of a game. The thing that gets me is that Anaheim's formula for being a rough, and hard-hitting team has completely vanished. There was virtually no hitting in this game, except for when Helm left his feet to crunch Whitney behind the net. If Anaheim wants to win Game 7, they need to do two things, beat on the Wings, and crash Osgood.

Yes, somehow, there will be a Game 7. Lets hope its more exciting than Game 6, and last night's Game 7 blowout.

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