Saturday, March 28, 2009

Must See Hock-ee, Edition Two

Interesting week, no? Met a nudist with multiple sclerosis from Pennsyltucky last night. No shit. And didn't I tell you to keep your eyes on the Islanders in Detroit?

Who woulda thunk it?

Okay, so right now Buffalo just gave up a two goal lead in the second, to go down three-two to Montreal. If Buffalo doesn't win this, their season is toast. If Montreal blows it, Carey Price will have looks on his face similar to the one's he had after Toronto's goals in last Saturday's game when Halak was in net.

So back to the schedule as it gets tighter and tighter...

Monday, March 30th
San Jose @ Calgary - Kipper and Nabby always makes for a good matchup, if indeed they both start.
New Jersey @ NY Rangers - Always fun. This rivalry could meet up in the post, once again.

Tuesday, March 31st
Nashville @ Columbus - Preds looking to hang on to the last berth, BJ's looking to fortify their position.
Ottawa @ Florida - Still on the outside looking in, there going to need it against a Senators team that has turned it on. For some reason.
Vancouver @ Minnesota - Vancouver is looking to overtake Calgary for #1 in the Northwest.
Anaheim @ Edmonton - Ducks will seek revenge after getting handed their ass, speaking of which, Roloson played his off.

Wednesday, April 1st
St. Louis @ Chicago - The Blues making the playoffs will be the ultimate April Fool's joke.

Thursday, April 2nd
NY Rangers @ Carolina - The storm is getting stronger.
Montreal @ NY Islanders - Isles stole one in OT the last time these two met.
St. Louis @ Detroit - Tough road trip to end the season for the Blues.
San Jose @ Edmonton - These two could be meeting in the first round.
Anaheim @ Vancouver - The Ducks are still attempting to claw their way in.

Friday, April 3rd
Buffalo @ Washington - I don't know if it will matter at this point.
Atlanta @ Florida - This one either.
Calgary @ Minnesota - Or this one. Only for the Flames to add some distance to the division lead.
Nashville @ Chicago - Every intra-Central Division matchup seems to be exciting now.

Saturday, April 4th
Big Saturday, 11 games in all. Only two won't matter, Phoenix @ LA, and Tampa @ the Isles. Sometimes when you win, you lose. And sometimes when you lose, you really win.
NY Rangers @ Boston - The usual weekend matinee.
New Jersey @ Buffalo - It should be a good game, but will it be?
Pittsburgh @ Carolina - This is a big test for the 'Canes to prove their worth.
Philadelphia @ Ottawa - Philly will want this one.
Montreal @ Toronto - Toronto will be playing the Habs hard.
St. Louis @ Dallas - The Blues will need any and every point they can get their hands on.
Columbus @ Nashville - See above referenced Central Division matchup.
Vancouver @ Edmonton - Oil Country will need to beat teams of this caliber to get to round two.
Anaheim @ San Jose - The Ducks will finish up a tough road trip in the tank.

Sunday, April 5th
Minnesota @ Detroit - Please keep the most boring team out of the postseason.
Pittsburgh @ Florida - Pathers, get your shit together.
Chicago @ Columbus - Do I really have to say it?
San Jose @ Anaheim - Home and home series, Ducks need it more than the Sharks.

May have to update daily from here on out.

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