Friday, March 5, 2010

'Cry Me A River,'

... says Bob McKenzie when asked about the uproar from owner's in regards to the Coyotes aggressiveness and spending at the deadline.

How stupid are these owners?

'Ohhhh, grumble grumble grumble, you know where that money comes from? Hrumph, hrumph, hrumph, out of our pockets! I've got kids too, you know.'

Greedy fucking bastards.

Don't you think it would be smart and maybe even a marketing vantage point to the next potential owner, to have this against-all-odds team make the postseason and gets some fervor going around Phoenix? Don't you think that might drum up some business for the franchise?

Besides, what did Maloney spend? An extra $2.5million? Big fucking deal, its been running on League fumes for years what's another drop in the bucket. I think the only way to tell if this team's even marketable in that area is to see the turnout they get for a playoff series, even if its only two games in a series. Won't that give you a little more evidence to go on to decide whether it should stay or go?

The Coyotes sit fourth in the West with 81 points and are almost assured a postseason birth at this point with the bubble teams trailing by about 10 points back. They were the most active team at the deadline, involved in seven seperate trades that brought in some key personnel that can only help in the postseason. They're well coached by (more than likely a Jack Adams candidate) Dave Tippett, they've got good leadership in Doan and Jovo, solid goaltending with Breezy, and obviously have been playing well despite the circus surrounding the team.

And they're still managing to have fun while doing it, participating in exercises with the Maricopa County SWAT team (video here), and piloting F-16's at nearby Luke Air Force Base.

But I don't know who's fitting the bill for that.

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