Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ohhh, I've Got Notes Alright...

Let's put an end to my regular midseason hiatus shall we? I apologize to all of you who were so bored without your typical dose of sarcastic quips, but I'm sure you all survived just fine. With 80/20 beverages.

Anyway lets get started, first off...

The Winter Classic
  • A complete and utter bore. It didn't really get remotely good until the Bruins tied it with two something left to play. It was sloppy play, to say the least, and my brain almost exploded from Darren Pang explaining how visual perception is different when you are outside as opposed to in an arena. Ballfield lighting, painted ceilings, the net looks farther away when you cross the blueline, yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't think a shot hit the net from beyond the circles until the third period.
  • Tim Thomas is doing his best to channel Ron Hextall. Countless times I've seen the bear hunter lunge from the crease in order to send a message that he felt his defenseman weren't making. His shot at Jeff Carter was the only reason for the Flyers goal, and stupid play like that is what makes him a perfect fit on Burke's American team.
  • This event is really starting to lose its luster to me. Wrigley provided the picturesque setting that Fenway didn't. The Green Monster is not enough of an interesting feature at least for a hockey game to make an impression. Adding two games next year destroys the uniqueness of the idea that everyone has been screaming to the powers-that-be not to change. Just do the next one in Canada to be fair, (I apologize if this is not fair enough, its obvious Americans have been hogging this event). I'm sure there will be plenty of facilities, plazas, event areas created in Vancouver for the Games to provide a nice enough setting.

Andy Murray Shitcanned
  • If I had to guess, (which I did), which coaches would be packing their bags this year, it definetely would not have been Andy Murray. This is a mistake, but every pundit will say Davidson had to do it. I disagree. There are times when a team does not respond to a coaches demands/system/threats, and there are times when a team isn't winning. Yes, St. Louis should be doing better than they are, is it Murray's fault? I don't think so. This is an underachieving club with plenty of offensive talent that is not getting it done. The defense is definetely suspect. I don't believe that there are any coaches out there that are better than Andy Murray, and I sure as shit don't think this guy Dayne is either. This is a change for change's sake, and one that will bite them in the ass, or have them hiring him back next season.

Jiggs McDonald is back in town.
  • I grew up listening to the Isles (for better or worse) and the voice of the Islanders without question is Jiggs McDonald. His play by play was some of the best I ever heard, and one of the most even-keeled compared with today's brand of homer announcers. Paired up with Isles alum, colorman Eddie Westfall, they made one of the best tandems leaguewide. In any case, Jiggs was back on the Isles broadcast for the last two games, and it was such a joy to hear him back in the booth. Unlike this guy, I think Howie sucks. "Right you are 18."

None of the games really blew my skirt up tonight, but I'll get cranking on some of the other things I've been promising, plus a look at the midseason standings and match those up with some of my shitty predictions, and other uninteresting things.

I said I had notes, I didn't say how many.

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