Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emery's Back Bitches

Ray Emery's interview with Comcast SportsNet Philly has some interesting little tidbits in it, including new information (at least its new to me), and the always enjoyable shit-talking.
"I realize I'm fortunate to play a game for a living, but at the end of the day, it's just that. I don't take it too hard if I don't do well and I don't get too high if I succeed in the game."
Making it sound like he's a pretty humble guy, he does confirm what we originally thought, he likes hockey, he thinks he's fortunate to play hockey, but either way, he doesn't care that much about it. So much so that he's more of a glass half empty, non-chalant kind of guy...
"I don't think I enjoy winning that much, I think I detest losing so I'll do everything in my power to not lose."
As far as playing for Philly, and his options coming off his year in the KHL...
"I think there were other teams out there, other options out there, but I consider this team (even last year) to be a top-5 team, and there aren't many top-5 teams in the league that are looking for a goalie just to step in kinda out of nowhere, so that's a great opportunity."
After being compared to Michael Vick's situation in the NFL, he again plays the 'humble' card instead of the 'insensitive racial question' card, (which was within his right, and probably wouldv'e prompted a coffee table flip. Which may have happened but its a typed transcript, so...)
"I don't know. In all fairness to Michael Vick, that's one of the marquee players in the league so I think that's like Jaromir Jagr having a tough time or something. I think if you're a marquee player in the league someone is going to give you a shot. I think it's just my personal opinion that he's fortunate that the Eagles aren't a middle of the road team. Its a solid team he's getting a chance to play for. Like I said, I don't think there's that much comparison between the two."
But now I have a little more respect for Emery, after finding out that he's a Rage Against the Machine fan sporting a tattoo with the lyric "Anger is a gift," from the song 'Freedom' and explaining is his reason for getting it...
"It just means that if you're passionate enough about something to get some emotion out of then its important to you and it can be used in a good way."
And a KOL fan...
"I saw Kings of Leon when I was up there training in Calgary. That was a good show. They've got a good album out now."
But then loses it when we find out he might be opening a clothing line with Sean Avery...
"There's different things I'm interested in. My friends are in the restaurant and real estate business. I like fashion. So there's a few things. I would go to school. I wouldn't mind brushing up on one of those subjects and go from there."
But the most interesting part of the interview was when Assistant GM for Philadelphia, and former Ottawa head coach John Paddock got brought up,
"I felt real bad when things came down in Ottawa, and like I said he was a coach and a father figure. He had coached me when I was 19 years old and we went through a lot together. When he said that and felt that and when the team had a collapse midway through the year, it was a tough time for everybody. Its definitely something you look back on and its strange we end up in the same place again. If I get the chance to play for him again, he won't have to motivate me at all."
Pretty strong words, but maybe the real reason Emery was brought on by the Flyers brass, he had a lobbyist in Paddock. That places ol' Johnny's ass on the line should Emery implode.
But the strongest words were saved for Marty Biron, when asked if he was a better goaltender...
"I can't tell you that, but on any given night if we play them this year, we're going to win."
There we go.

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