Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tommy Tell It Like It Is!

I'm hot on quotes today and I came across Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog on Canucks Corner detailing the intricacies of Mr. Andrew Raycroft's skill set and what it brings to the table for an NHL team, specifically the Vancouver Canucks.

"Raycroft is really cheap and he really sucks and that’s exactly what the Canucks need this year."

Now I've called Andy out before, but lets be honest, no one is reading my blog. Tom is a respected blogger, who's blog is read by plenty of Canuck fans, not to mention hockey fans in general, and other respected writers as well, as noted further down in his comment section. He and Mirtle begin to banter back and forth on the choice to take Raycroft or another available goaltender as the backup, or the backup's backup.

"Maybe I am giving Gillis too much credit here, but I think it is a good explanation for an otherwise inexplicable move. The Canucks will need that roster spot at some point and the best answer is a goalie who is so shitty teams will pass on him even at half price. There may be others who fit that bill, but I can’t think of a better than Raycroft goalie who is that shitty."

Talk about a warm welcome to 'Beautiful' British Columbia.

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