Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been guilty of it before...

...and if I don't hit the nylon with this one, I'm going to break my composite over the iron. Nah, there's no way I could afford another one of those, let alone tickets to a game.

Welcome to my blog of everything hockey and the National Hockey League, and anything else I deem suitable to post. I've been recently inspired by the die-hard hockey fan, and the lack of intelligence of most hockey writers. Specifically the recent Covered in Oil spectacle, and the continued ramblings of hacks on ESPN and at The Hockey News, (worst 50bucks I've ever spent). I've discovered that the saavy hockey fan has gone underground in a modern system, and I feel lucky to even attempt to be a part of it. Besides I love it, and I love playing a small part in intelligent hockey conversation.

I feel like I should use this first post to give you some background on my hockey knowledge, which will more than likely just incriminate me. I was born on Long Island, at the start of the Glory Years at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Too bad I was too young to recall any of it, damn infancy. Was relocated to Jersey, where I spent the majority of my years. Took to the ice a few months later, and rarely came in to warm my feet. Had to suffer through the ignorance of Ranger fans, their sickening hoisting and dropping of the Cup, the rise and trap of the Devils, and their non-sequential Cup runs. Had to escape Jersey and moved to Southern California where the hockey knowledge, and fan is almost as hard to find as an unenhanced pair of breasts. Was fortunate, or unfortunate depending on how you look at it, to be around for the Ducks capturing of the Cup, and the attending of my first Stanley Cup Playoff games. I've joined a beer league where I've found some pretty decent hockey players, and do my best not to embarrass myself by functioning as a stay-at-home defenseman. And while this gives me no more credibility than the next guy, it gives you an idea of my vantage point of the professional hockey world. I think my take is pretty unbiased, and fair (except when I'm speaking of the Rangers), which is why I choose to write about the league in general, as opposed to backing a specific team. (Supporting a consistently worse than mediocre team that even pros don't want to play for will do that to you.) But I can assure you that these posts will be a hell of a lot more interesting, and I hope funnier than this one. This is so boring I can actually smell my brain farting. Enjoy!

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